Small history of the company

Bookstars has founded in 2004 as a bookshop in a small road at the suburbs of Athens, Greece. From then it has been a long way…

-We started our publications 1 year later

-We moved to bigger premises

-In 2010 we invested in printing and binding machines and we managed to have a vertical production line of book publishing. From the idea in the head of the writer to selling the physical book on the market... we can do it all

-Moreover we expanded via co-operations all over Greece

What we can do for you:

We offer –except of the classic method of selling our publishing rights- the whole package. Meaning that we give you the option to not buy only the rights, but the final product. To be specific, if for example you are a publisher of English language books, we can offer you a series of greek mythology for children ready for your market. You only name the quantity. No worries on translating, printing etc

Below you can find links from our books translated.

Daedalus and Ikarus

Daedalus and Ikarus

Daedalus and his son Ikarus are imprisoned in the terrible Labyrinth. Can they escape? The story oF Daedalus and Ikarus for children beginning to read, with exciting illustrations. Also included are activities for the student's emotional and mental developement.

Orpheas and Eurydice

Orpheas and Eurydice

Orpheas loves Eurydice but an accident sends her to Hades, the God of the Underworld. Can he save her? The story of Orpheas and Eurydice for children just learning to read with lively illustrations they will enjoy. With activities that help with the development of the children’s comprehension and emotional skills.

Contact Info

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14564, Kifisia